Technology Vision Statement
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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 Technology Vision Statement

 Students, parents, and educators will use communication and information technologies to enhance and expand the traditional role of education in Weslaco ISD.  We believe the basic goal of education has not changed, that is to prepare our students for life-long learning and success in a changed society.  However the tools and instructional methods to achieve these goals have advanced dramatically.  Technologies such as computers, networks, and wide area communications offer tremendous opportunities to students and educators as a way to improve life within our community and a link to a world outside of Weslaco ISD.  Beatriz Garza Middle School has the responsibility for developing curriculum and applying instructional methods enriched with technology and ensuring that our students and teachers are proficient users of these new technologies.  Teachers at B. Garza Middle School will include in their lessons HEAT:

*Help students develop Higher-order thinking skills

*Engage students

*Provide Authentic real-world relevance and allow students to apply their learning to a real-world situation

*Technology use is connected to task completion (whenever appropriate)

This technology integration plan will outline our strategies for turning this vision into reality.

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