Stop The Bullyling
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Monday, June 17, 2013
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Stand up to Bullying

     Stop The Bullying   


  • Ignore and/or walk away.
  • Assertively tell the person to Stop - then walk away.
  • Warn that you will talk to an adult and then walk away.
  • Go to an adult. Clearly tell the adult what has happened and what steps you have taken.

 What's a Bystander to Do?

  • Don't join in - remove yourself.
  • Tell the bullies to stop it.
  • Seperate the bullies away from the person being bullied.
  • Seperate the person being bullied away from the bullies
  • Report to a trusted adult.

4 - Step Staff Intervention

  1. Stop the behavior
  2. Identify the Behavior
  3. Reminder of the School's Expectation
  4. Reminder of the Behavioral Expectation



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